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Long time...no word...

Eek, well I realised I hadn't put anything up on my Dreamwidth account, and also hadn't posted on the LJ for a while either. So this is just a note to say I'm still alive.

Weather is cooling slightly - a more manageable low to mid 40's with a breeze. I might even make it to the beach at the weekend now that I'm not going to fry my brain in 15 minutes flat.

Summer was the usual 3 weeks in Western Canada - home of my heart, if not my nationality. Beautiful as ever. Totally pigged out on sublime NW Pacific food and excellent Canadian wines with wonderfully weird names (Blasted Church, Burrowing Owl, Fork In The Road...). Not enough time. Making plans for next year already.

One week of observing Ramadan in the office was enough for me this year, so happy that Eid rolled around pretty quickly after I got back. Didn't travel this time - it was too close to all the summer travelling and I just needed to chill out at home. But next Eid (November) is likely to be a vacation outside K. I just need to decide that I'm going and get on with the bookings.

Work is picking back up to its usual level of frustration, stop-start, hurry up and go slow routine.

I stumbled across a great fanfic grabber last week. I'm sure most people already know about it. Flagfic.com let's you grab all the chapters from a story on Fanfiction.net and turns it into an epub, mobi, pdf or html file. This is an absolute boon to me - I get fed up having to load through all the chapters on some incredible story with my hinky connection...and also to be able to load it into my ereader on iPad. Magic!! I'm working my way through some of the really great authors I used to read (Kodiak Bear Country, The Morrighan and others) and newer finds (JoaniexJony) and loading them up for reading offline. I'm so happy with this, I might even make a donation! :-)

And the best news for those who have been waiting (im)patiently since the Spring. Alliegiance will be released in November. Woohoo! Book 3 of the Legacy series. Delayed by 5 months by MGM bankruptcy issues, finally we know the series will resume and I can count down the days. My fingers are hoving over the keyboard, waiting to hit the One-Click button on Amazon to get my ebook as soon as it's ready. Actually I'll probably get the epub and or pdf through Crossroads Press first (since they seem to be a little quicker off the mark than Amazon). But I'll end up buy 2 ebook versions and 2 paperbacks (one to crack the spine and read, one to keep for best) off the UK and US Amazon sites. Have to spread the love around :-) to keep these commercial ventures publishing my SGA fix.

OK, enuff for now. I have work to do.

Later (much later) folks...


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Long Awaited Legacy books - hhmmmm...

I've been scouring the 'net for good fanfic to fill the SGA-hole since EATG aired.  And while there's a tonne to read, it's SO satisfying to finally get some more MGM-approved canon (is it really considered canon if it's a book rather than a tv ep?  hmmm...I know there's a lot of debate on that).  But anyway...finally to get some books that are a delight to read, and fill in character backstory and take our dear team to new and exciting adventures.  I'm gushing, but I'm on a high at the moment, so it's excusable.

Death Game, Homecoming, The Lost...Collapse )


I seem to be collecting a set of links to some great discussions about the demise of SGA / start of SGU.  Comments written by others on their own lj's or as responses to others meta discussions.  So, here's another to add to the list.  Just saw this on SGAMadisons livejournal.  She writes some great fanfic (the reason for checking her site) but her initial comments, plus the large response further down the page, and the big comment from Vida Bonhomme (?) all resonated with me.  As I said on an earlier entry, other people are far more eloquent about this stuff than I - I get so annoyed right now (my default state is 'angry' because of stuff happening at work...and it's affecting how I see everything - not good for the stress / blood pressure / general well-being, I know).

Anyhow, over to you SGAMadison & friends...


Nerd test...

NerdTests.com says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd Queen.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!

More procrastination...  My sci-fi leanings are confirmed.  And I always knew I was kinda awkward in social situations, so nothing new there.  And since it's 2.49am I really should be putting the 'puter to sleep and hibernating myself.

Lexicon additions

I admit I'm relatively new to having my own lj, so these lovely words have only recently come to my attention.  But they're definitely part of my lexicon now. 

Fangirl / fangirling - yes, yes, YES!!  This is me, this is what I do.  I now have a name to go with the affliction.  I feel SO much better :-)

Squee - took me a couple of goes to work this out before seeing it in context, but I get it now.  And it's so true - what a wonderful onomatopoeia.

OK, so I've been quietly stewing about a lot of SGA-related issues for a while now.  I've read some great critiques and views on other peoples lj entries - some I agree with, some I definitely don't.  There is no way I'm going to be as eloquent as many others and, because when I start venting I tend to get overly emotional and it all comes out in a not necessarily orderedflow - I have no idea if this is actually going to make sense (...I know, that's what 'edit entry' is for?!)  But I have to get this out of my system.  Now.  Before it festers any more...or I go bang.  And no apologies for the expletives - this is how damned mad I'm feeling!  If you don't want to get equally frustrated and annoyed, don't follow the cut below...

Hero vs Ensemble, Arc vs Accessibility, Demographics...Collapse )

Enough for now.  I'm getting maudlin and overly depressed.  Going to read some excellent fanfic (currently Eildon Rhymer's 'Born in the Barrens') and cheer myself up before continuing.
Just stumbled upon this via another lj (will find the other lj name and put it here when I have a mo).  Anyhow, this is a great piece of insightful critique of why Vegas and EatG just don't sit right in the scheme of things...at least in my humble reality.  And links to some other likeminded souls...

Ask Doctor Science! - SGA final finale: Vegas, Enemy at the Gate, and the nature of canon


This is a great set of comments and thoughts about the apparent Keller-catalysed divide in SGA fandom.  I admit I hadn't appreciated that this was an issue (I tend to steer clear of arguments or major discussions about SGA and just concentrate on the fanfiction).  But recently I've found myself, much like one of those horrible rubber-neckers at a crash scene, reading more about the divide and more blogs and comments from both TPTB and the fans.  it's almost like, now that it's finishing, I want to understand what's getting everyone so het up about SGA.  And along with that, I'm trying to understand my own feelings about certain SGA issues, which have been brewing for the better part of 6 months (actually, that's not true, if I think about it realistically, I've had concerns about SGA from series one, but it's only in the last 2 yrs that I've been unable to ignore them, and the latter part of 2008 where I've begun to appreciate what it is that's pissing me off).

Anyhow, this set of comments from xparrot and the readers of her/his page make a lot of sense to me, and rather than trying to put down something similar on my own page, which I would fail to do even a tenth as eloquently, I thought I'd tag it here and suggest you go read it.  I have some other comments about SGA and TPTB, that I will try to make sense of and post sometime before the water goes off the boil, but not sure when...and it's depressing me to think about this right now, as the final episode airs as in the US as I type this.  Sniff...sigh :-(

one step forward... - musing on SGA fandom


Matt Who..???

Matt Smith (Ruby in the Smoke, Party Animals, Moses Jones), 26yr old actor to become the 11th Doctor (and the youngest ever).

Colour me STUNNED!  Didn't see that one coming, like most of the Whovian community, I'm sure - though someone obviously tipped off someone else 'cos the betting agencies saw Matt Smith leap up to 2nd then pole position in the odds in the last 24hrs.

Read more...First thoughts on Eleventh DoctorCollapse )

OK, that's enough whinging  concerned opinion for now.  I'm gonna wait and see from here on.  And look forward to 4 sublime episodes of DT as DW before the changeover.  Hear that RTD, they better be sublime - you've only got 4 more hours (+/-) to make an impact on Who, and you'd better not waste them!  The Next Doctor was ok, but not compelling, and I expect compelling (at a minimum) from the forthcoming specials.

And, as usual, all comments in my lj are MHO, and everyone is free to disagree in a nice, amiable, friendly fashion (please leave your weapons at the door on arrival ;-)

There's nothing as sweet as a second medical / lifestyle vindication in as many days.  First the BMJ say it's dangerous to your mental health to make New Year's resolutions.  And now, reported in The Daily Telegraph (Living Section, page W3), in the 'Quite Interesting' column, comes the following : 

Read more...Sloth, sleep patterns, staying in bed...Collapse )

So, there you have it.  Sleeping in isn't necessarily counter-productive or slothful.  Some of us are more productive later in the day, and some of us work better with a laptop balanced on top of the bed covers, than sitting at a desk, in an office (though I make absolutely no claim to being as literarily productive or creative as those listed above).  I'll certainly be sure to tell my boss that I'm just keeping my brain alert, next time I yawn in a long, stifling, boring, obscure, pointless, um...totally informative & necessary meeting.



ATHANASY : deathlessness, immortality if you like. {{gen fic writer}}

ATIMY : public disgrace or stigma, infamy... {{adult fic writer}}

KOYAANISQATSI : crazy life, life in turmoil, life out of balance, life disintegrating, a state of life that calls for another way of living. {{Sounds like a good description of my real life.}}


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